Saturday, January 1, 2011

Lady Sings the Blues


you dont have to share my sentiments but if you do #eHighFive! lol.

WARNING: I'm about to go of on a tangent...
*Mac is definitely not for everyone and then i got to thinkin... its actually not for anyone! unless you just gotta have the MAC forcefield on your face. Case and Point
1. MAC is not breathable... its formula is too cakey... therefore Foundation and Concealers etc etc are TRASH!
2. I despise MAC
3. I abhorr MAC lol.
4. Their eye makeup is decent, lipwear is doable but nothing more!

Ive chit chatted with several highend makeup artists and they say "MAC makeup artists are awesome artists working with a terrible product" and "MAC is best ONLY when used for professional photography since it is so heavy"
Basically walkin around everyday with MAC on your face makes you look Silly and mama aint raise no fool. lol

After 2 years of tryna make it work i finally decided it wasnt worth the money. sooo i switched to Bobbi Brown.... This lady is a genius.. she has a couple makeup books out also for better techniques. This formula just works especially if you are a delicious Hershey chocolate tone like me. Dark Luscious skin like mine is not to be toyed with... you really have to know how to work with it. I get so many compliments on my skin when i use Bobbi Brown makeup because its pretty much the STUFF.


So dont fall into the mindset that MAC is the only option. There is a world of colors out there, all of them probably better quality than MAC.
*Just a simple non biased Public Service Announcement. lol
make the switch today you all. :)

Innovation Renovation

WHOAA... it has been entirely too long since my last post. I was busy living my other non digital life. Kinda neglected my blog. Kinda missed blogging. Guess ill be more diligent this time around.


and thus, my one resolution... is to sleep more. Everything is better with sleep!

Here's a Random Recap of my life since my last post...

*I digg how it has a New Jack City kinda feel. maybe?? lol. ahh well.

During my hiatus i lost my camera for some time :(
every photo op just wasnt the same anymore. lol.