Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The M.I.L.F Chronicles... "Interior Decorating"

Key Words:
adj. Milf in Training- to be in tune with the qualities of a super mom... and arm ones self with said ammunition in order to better take over the world, bake cookies and break hearts!

* I never thought shopping for apartment decorations would compare to shopping for clothes! But...on a random saturday I was held hostage at the neighborhood Ross and an Adventure ensued no less! I Loved what i saw. Im goin back for similar pieces when Im less broke and ready to lay some duckets on the counter come August! :D
* Pics from my Blackberry.. not the best quality. #whatevrr

[The Scheme]
- Green, Cream, Brown... Goldish Hues for character!!
Vision: This over my bead... "I wake up to the Sun.Moon.Stars" lol.

Vision: 2 murals and mirror in the middle on a wall someplace

Vision: add some multicolor marbles to the bamboo in vase and let it sit all pretty in a corner!
** Got this idea from HGTV Design Star or summin!!

Vision: place at foot of my bed!... *Dilemma- which one looks better

Vision: doesnt matter.. i gotta have this!! *MY most favorite Find!!

Monday, June 28, 2010

#OhYouFancyHuhn..."Bad Bitch Business"

I started following the Lovely Jennifer Le and Cherry Bomb, the MASTERMINDS of 2Bitchezdeep about a year ago and I have nothing but love for them! They keep me humble like... [["whats an upper classmen to a graduate"]]. Needless to say they do WORK! Singlehandedly my love for DiY clothing stemmed from their inspiration... Iv been on a rampage ever since! So in original Bad Bitch fashion, I had to make my own signature studded heels in their honor.

Here's the recipe:
-"Put the coke in the pots, whip it over the rocks.."

*excuse the randomness and foolywang... nail polish shopping. lol

My tattoo adds so much Panache.. haha, love IT!!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Live from The Kitchen!

Chefin up DOPE ish....

* I wore this out to an impromptu gathering this past weekend. Random pieces, nothing spectaclar, picked it out in like 5 mintes but I liked the outcome... So eff it! #Blah!

Blouse- Charlotte Russe
Skirt - XXI
Shoes - Ross
Belt- XXI
Necklace- ASOS
Earrings- Nordstroms.

"Now some women hit the mall and some shop at the thrift store
Some of 'em mix and match and make it look like they get more"

Thursday, June 24, 2010

ASK Jeeves... or better Yet ask ME!!


I cant and wont pinpoint my style. Its always evolving and never stagnant. I draw inspiration for my looks from mainstream media and fashion icons, and the regular Joe Shmoes and Jane Does. I don’t shop for outfits. I keep a mental inventory of my closet so I shop for specific articles and random things that catch my eye. Most of my pieces are a couple months old before I actually wear them. I let them marinate in my closet until I harvest them to created a medley of style. Some pieces ripen faster than others, but they always turn out sweet and full of character!

Some of my inspirations:
Karla is my Fairy God Mother of Style.
Visit her Blog:
Doin what only Karla can do Yet again!

The Kesh Kumari...
Visit her Blog:

Jasmine Monroe, & An Fuckin Dukes
They do Work!!!
Visit their Blogs:

Annastasia Smith and the Gang!
Visit her BLog:

Princess! My Mafioso Chick!! Luv Her.

Yo Bekz! My co-poilot in the Game! Luv Her

Banter and other BullSh*t

"Ball at your level"- Wise Words from a decent man..

The Break Down:
Right now Im living the life of a broke college student. Needless to say, Stylish and Broke are opposites that do not attract. I accept the fact that Money isnt always easy to come by, but I still crave fashion and the next best thing. Improvisation is key! Iv opened up to a whole new world of D.I.Y clothing and all I wanna do is stud this, spike that, add safety pins here, nip there, tuck everywhere and Fcuk Sh*it up.... This is me Balling at my own level.

**Disclaimer- If the horseshoes on your Trues are wrong as well as them LV's on ya bag... Stay in your tax bracket. You coulda went to Ross or Forever 21 or the Thrift store and got something unquestionable. Labels don't equate Style. #Knowthis.

[ Stay tuned for more "D.I.Y Flyy" posts to see how I "Ball at my level" ]

"Truly Yours, Your Biggest Fan... This is Stan"

"Jump on the elevevator baby cus we on the next level.. Got people talkin bout why dont she change her clothes.. well they aint seem to mind the last three times I posed in Vogue" - Janelle Monea "TightRope Remix"

1. Black and White is fool proof.
2. Mens Wear is always a classic
3. Janelle Monae is breaking the boundaries of femininity and style.
4. Take NOTES people... Class is in session!





Janelle Monae and Auntie Erykah BAdu... my most favorite people that Iv never actually met in real life

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

...Like a Subway in Harlem

Yes!! Tattoos are that serious and placement is everything... Attn: Dudes with tattoos on ya collar bone... if yall play ya cards right I just might let you wear [[MY]] last name... Case and Point--->

*miss me with all the wife beater nonsense.. Chris Brown will ALWAYS be that Dude!

Body marked up like a subway in Harlem!

Tattoo on ya collar bone... "Sir, Will you Marry Me???"

Forget everything you ever knew about the Game... #speechless.
Kesh Kumari... THE Kesh Kumari!
Kesh again.. she gets it IN!!.
My inkage in Math Symbols "Nothing Lasts Forever" and its PERFECT... currently soul searching for the next PERFECT one!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Serial Shopper~ Oxfords in Overdrive

Jolly ole' Oxfords. They remind me so much of London Street Style. Out with the plain Jane Ballet Flats and in with these chic must-haves! #Digg it!

-Urban Outfitters

Released the Oxfords, for good behavior, after a 6 month prison sentence in my closet.

Summer Barbeques are the BESTEST!


** The Official Debut of the Oxfords.. circa Fall 2009.

"Truly Yours, your biggest fan.. This is Stan"

**If you're around me long enough... you'll fall victim to my confession of my unrequited love for RIHANNA!!! In my perfect world.. she would be my bestfriend and Chris Brown would be my boyfriend.. this all works only in theory however so just let me dream. lol.

Either way... I love her team of stylists... they create a monster each time they clothe her!!!

The Equation:
Rihanna + Hair + Makeup + Jewelry + Nails + Shoes + Tattoos = BOSS

** All white suit with a themed pattern... SO Splashy!

Nail Color Couture

Every Dame needs Duckets... they go like PB and J.
But dont you hate it when you have PB but no J?!?!?!

**The point is... I do my own nails. The plight of a broke college student.

[**Please disregard the random chippage... this is definitely not a fresh paint job. lol]


Gotta love this Bubblegum pink!!

** From one skintone to the next... I love this nail color**

Sunday, June 13, 2010

D.i.Y. Flyy : Safety Pin Pomp

Hello Hello Hello!

So Iv definitely been on a major hollywood style, Dave Chappelle hiatus and I apologize. Iv been busy with my other life.. or lack there of.. Either way i dedicate this Post to my Stina-boo. LOVE YOUU!

** Now back to regularly scheduled programming...

I saw this pic while surfing Thought it was dope

soo i decided to give it a whirl.

I dugg up a cheap shirt from the XXI sale rack with a rocker edge to compliment the look and added some gold studs and gold safety pins for originality. And thus...

*Side note: So My summer started with a little rendevous in Houston for a weekend and I decided to wear my first DIY creation!

... ANd Tah-dah, Safety Pin Pomp.