Thursday, June 24, 2010

Banter and other BullSh*t

"Ball at your level"- Wise Words from a decent man..

The Break Down:
Right now Im living the life of a broke college student. Needless to say, Stylish and Broke are opposites that do not attract. I accept the fact that Money isnt always easy to come by, but I still crave fashion and the next best thing. Improvisation is key! Iv opened up to a whole new world of D.I.Y clothing and all I wanna do is stud this, spike that, add safety pins here, nip there, tuck everywhere and Fcuk Sh*it up.... This is me Balling at my own level.

**Disclaimer- If the horseshoes on your Trues are wrong as well as them LV's on ya bag... Stay in your tax bracket. You coulda went to Ross or Forever 21 or the Thrift store and got something unquestionable. Labels don't equate Style. #Knowthis.

[ Stay tuned for more "D.I.Y Flyy" posts to see how I "Ball at my level" ]

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