Monday, June 28, 2010

#OhYouFancyHuhn..."Bad Bitch Business"

I started following the Lovely Jennifer Le and Cherry Bomb, the MASTERMINDS of 2Bitchezdeep about a year ago and I have nothing but love for them! They keep me humble like... [["whats an upper classmen to a graduate"]]. Needless to say they do WORK! Singlehandedly my love for DiY clothing stemmed from their inspiration... Iv been on a rampage ever since! So in original Bad Bitch fashion, I had to make my own signature studded heels in their honor.

Here's the recipe:
-"Put the coke in the pots, whip it over the rocks.."

*excuse the randomness and foolywang... nail polish shopping. lol

My tattoo adds so much Panache.. haha, love IT!!

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